About Marije / Contact


Marije Drenth is creator of audiovisual productions for both television and internet. Given her background in journalism, she has solid experience working with both style and content. She has the ability to produce a video from the development of an idea to the final edits. She specializes in tv reports, a portrait or biopic, a corporate film and video impressions of events, but is open to any kind of new challenge as well! As a freelance journalist Marije can be used as an editor, video-editor, reporter and producer. Since 2009 she delivers her contribution to a newsprogram by the regional broadcaster RTV Utrecht. She also worked for news- and other non-fictional programs of the regional broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland and made the television program ‘Bureau Flevoland’, for Omroep Flevoland. For editing video’s, Marije uses programs like Incite, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.


Marije worked for clients such as Altra, Stadsgewest Haaglanden, Mediapartners, vdbj_, Hogeschool Utrecht, Selli, Meneer Smakers, Cultureel persbureau, Directeuren Netwerk Nederland, TopMind, Spring Instituut6Box Media, Bonovox Producties, De Workshopsite, Secretary Management Institute, ContentTV, GGTV, KvK Midden-NederlandVinkeVisionHéé! Communicatie en CreatieBouwfonds Property Development (BPD), Hermans & Schuttevaer Notarissen. Marije is also used in projects for organizations as KNMV, Gemeente Utrecht, UWV, Trajectum, Scouting NederlandDisGover, Energiemedia, BKB, FNV Bondgenoten, CityBox, NJR. In Barcelona she worked for the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO).